Het weer vandaag, 18. augustus 2022

  • 03:00 brightly
  • 06:00 brightly
  • 09:00 brightly
  • 12:00 partly cloudy
  • 15:00 sunny and isolated rain
  • 18:00 sunny and isolated rain
  • 21:00 cloudy
  • 24:00 light storm

wind in exposed higher regions: Southwest with 40 to 80 kmph
With southwesterly winds longer sunny periods and once again hot. But also clouds and in the course of the day rising risk of rain showers and thunderstorms.

morgen, 19. augustus 2022

  • 03:00 cloudy
  • 06:00 sunny and isolated rain
  • 09:00 sunny and isolated rain
  • 12:00 light storm
  • 15:00 sunny and isolated rain
  • 18:00 cloudy
  • 21:00 cloudy
  • 21:00 partly cloudy

wind in exposed higher regions: South to Southwest with 30 to 40 kmph
At first, lots of rain showers and thunderstorms. From noon on, only local showers and also sunny spells. Cooler.

Saturday, August 20

Weather improving, clouds breaking slowly. Some sunny hours especially in the afternoon and mostly dry. Just some isolated showers expected. Windy on the mountains and in some valleys in the north.

Sunday, August 21

Light northerly foehn and thus more sunny hours again. However, a local shower is not completely excluded, especially towards the north and east.

Monday, August 22

Quite sunny and mostly dry. In the eastern parts of Carinthia likely more clouds possible. Northerly winds.

Tuesday, August 23

Mainly sunny and dry. Still northerly winds.

Wednesday, August 24

Sunny and warm summer weather continues.

18.08.2022 - 18:10 - Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) - The weather experts in Carinthia