The citrus garden

Situated on picturesque Lake Faaker at a new 3,000m2 location, it's Austria's largest citrus collection, featuring nearly 211 varieties.

A world-class garden, unique in Austria with a collection of over 210 varieties of citrus plants from around the world. A botantical garden with ancient species from 16th century Medici collections, rare varieties and exotic fruits from the Far East as well as newer strains from the Australian hemisphere.

The 5,000 m2 Mediterranean garden is partially covered, offering protection from the elements and allowing visits no matter the weather. A stroll outdoors leads through the beautifully designed Mediterranean garden with its old-growth citrus trees, palms, olive trees and many other Mediterranean plants. It offers many opportunities to take a seat and linger for a while.


Zitrusgarten und Blumen Ceron
Faak am See
Blumenweg 3
A- 9583 Faak am See
Tel.: +43 4254 223 40
Fax: +4254 223 44
mobil: +43 664 540 33 21

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 hours

June - August also on Sundays, from 13:00 to 18:00 hours (other opening hours by agreement)

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